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Well, it was an adventure to say the least, but it wasn't a good one. We made it to Frytown Pennsylvania just outside of Allentown PA, and started to lose power in the tow vehicle so I pulled into the Flying J/Pilot truck stop and further investigation found that I had developed a tapping noise in the engine, this was at 1030PM so we waited until daylight to trouble shoot the issue. I got the OBDII code reader plugged in and it showed initially that there was a misfire in cylinders 1,2 & 4. At first we thought it might have been some bad gas or an injector. We added Lucas Deep Clean for injectors and worked that in driving around the parking lot and it didn't clear up. Next we found an Advance Auto 15 miles away and was able to limp to that location where we changed coil packs on cylinders 1&2 as the misfire on 4 went away. That didn't resolve our issue so it was time to call Triple A to make arrangements to get our stuff towed back home. What a joke that turned into. I will have more on Triple A in another post.

We made it home around midnight Sunday night Monday morning. So overall we are out the cost of our share of the Airbnb, travel expenses and more. The trip turned into a total flop and we never made it to WINDROCK PARK in Oliver Springs, Tn.

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We both want to take this time to welcome you to our site. We are in the early stages of this journey so stay tuned, pretty sure it's going to be an exciting ride.


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